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    FUOYE students showcase products of functional education

    …get ready to boost varsity’s IGR with enterprenurial skills

    By Wole Balogun
    S.A media to VC

    Students of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) on Tuesday showased exciting products of the functional and qualitiy education they are receiving from many dutiful lecturers of the upwardly mobile Ivory Tower.

    Featuring in the exhibition of the products are mainly the students from the Department of Theatre and Media Arts (TMA), Faculty of Arts, and the Department ot Microbiology, the Faculty of Sciences.

    The students of TMA exhibited rich and beautiful locally fabricated clothing materials usually called ‘Adire’ in local parlance. The excercise was a practical requirement of one of the courses they took in Costuming for stage dramas and film productions.

    The lecturer-in-charge who supervised the TMA students’ practical workshop is Associate Professor Lilian E. Bakare who doubles as the Head of the Department (TMA) and Deputy Dean of the faculty of Arts. She described the excercise as a neccesary component of Costume Building, saying: This is TMA 200Level part time students in tye and dye practical workshop. A necessary component of costume building for play production workshops. This is also a means of entrepreneurial training.”

    Colourful and very beautiful patterns of ‘Adire’ clothings were produced by the class who displayed the products excitedly.

    Speaking with the University Media team, some of the students expressed their satisfaction and joy in gaining such knowlegde. Their explication of the experience they had in the workshop revealled that they have been richly tutored in the art of creating costumes for both stage dramas and film productions as well as making rich and beaufitful Adire for commercial purposes.

    “lt has been an exciting and rich learning experience for us. We had fun as we leant how to make different beautiful Adire and what you are seeing here are the products sir,” Serah Adebayo, One of the students told the media team with a great smile brightening her pretty face.

    In a similar and rewarding development, and to show that the Microbiology Department of the institution could now create healthy products/foods for commercial and research purposes, the 400 Level students of the Department, under the keen supervision of some of their lecturers, also exhibited various healthy and hygenically packaged local foods which were products of painstaking and thorough research efforts.

    The excercise was tagged: “FOOD MICROBIOLOGY EXHIBITION 2023. Dr. Stephen Ojo who interracted with the University media team on behalf of the Department, said
    twenty (20) food products were produced by the 400 Level students of the department under the coordination and supervision of Prof R.A.O. Gabriel -Ajobiewe. Other co-supervisors are Miss Ariyo, Tomiwa and Mr Odeleye Peter and the Laboratory Technologists in the department.

    Dr. Ojo added that the entrepreneurial skills was the practical aspect of MCB 405 (Food Microbiology), a course being offered in the Department.

    There were 20 groups, with each group producing a local food product through intensive and thorough research. The foods exhibited included Pito, (a local drink) Pupuru, (a local swallow) Ogi Baba (pap) fortified with tumeric, banana wine, yoghourt, pineapple wine, Ogiri, Miso paste, Tempeh, Garri ijebu, Iru, (locust beans), Ogi (pap) fortified with ginger, Burukutu ( a local, lightly alcoholic drink) Kunu zaki, (a local energy and proteneous drink) Soy yoghourt, Lafun, fufu powder, (swallow) kunu aya, (a local drink), Yellow Garri, and water mellon.

    The Dean of the faculty, Prof. A.A Ajiboye who graced the exhibition commended the efforts of the students and lecturers. He assured that with the creativity displayed in the exhibition, the Department was ripe for producing foods/products for commercial purposes which will gurrantee a progressive generation of IGR for the University. This indeed, has been one of the key visions of the incumbent Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abayomi Sunday Fasina.

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